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Your AI-Informed

1-Stop IT Shop

Discover a brand-new experience in which every need you have receives objective guidance, deep expertise in exactly the right product for your requirements, specialized to your industry, and informed by the already-begun AI-revolution.  and all of this from a single trustable partner … Yes, it’s possible!

For the past 20 years, Delta has delivered IT and business solutions built around our clients.

More Trustable: Value-adding Solution Architects instead of high-pressure sales people; no sales quotas that influence recommendations; goodbye OEM contracts that create conflicts of interest.  All so we can passionately support your success!

With thousands of professionals and partners globally, discover the magic that can unfold when every need of yours transforms into a custom-made team of curated professionals with the right skills in your product, industry, and region for this exact moment!

Hardware | Software | Cloud

Pick from our offerings or contact us for an end-to-end solution!


Client, server, network, firewall, … we have access to meet all of your hardware requirements.

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Doctors don’t only prescribe the medicine in their own medicine cabinet, why should your software vendor.  Find objective guidance on software and services for all of your needs in one place.

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Public, private, hybrid, and multi-cloud solutions.

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Your success is our passion


Sometimes you don’t need a full blown project and just need advice, questions answered, and problems solved.  Sometimes you need a person or a team of people for a conversation, temporary, part-time or full-time work.  Whatever your need, Delta is here to provide the right consultant!

strategic planning

We’ll ensure your business maximizes its potential and achieves its desired outcomes in both the short and long-term. Let us help you formulate a strategic plan today and take your business to the next level.

Solution Architecture

If you are unsure how to build your IT software, hardware, and cloud business model in a way that is sustainable and scalable, we can help.  Delta does not employ salespeople, but solution architects so that every conversation is about your needs, not ours!

Software Evaluation

Delta’s product comparison methodology sorts through all of your options using your requirements, industry, region, budget, … to find you the best solution.  No more second guessing, no more agenda’d salespeople, no more buyer’s remorse.  Just the right product!

Software Development

Our software development services allow you to have software that is tailored to the specific needs of your business. Having software that is tailor-made for a particular purpose helps set your company apart from the competition and gives you an edge over them.


Delta’s thousands of global professionals and partners compose a unique web of the most skilled project managers, designers, developers, integrators, testers, and specialists.  The teams are custom-made to delivery solutions that are industry-tailored, with the right skills and within your budget!

Managed Services

Having managed services can help your business avoid potentially costly and time consuming pitfalls.  With our managed services you don’t have to worry about maintenance and monitoring of your hardware, ensuring that all your crucial business processes operate smoothly.


Delta offers 24-7 support for most IT product and service needs.  If we don’t have existing support channels, our turnkey process can custom-build a support team for your requirements in short-order.  You can stop tirelessly looking for the right fit.  You’ve found it!


When it comes to your industry subsegment, one size never fits all.  You need solutions and teams built for your unique industry and for your unique requirements in that industry.  This is where Delta stands out most.  The solutions and team are custom selected and built to your unique needs.

Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing

From cloud-based solutions to dynamic mapping and data analytics, businesses have a number of IT applications that can be utilized for growth. Innovative IT solutions are key to remain market driven and be able to react in real-time.  By investing in the right kind of IT solutions you will increase efficiency, leading to higher yields and profits.


Ensure maximum output efficiency while keeping business data secure to state-of-the-art GPS systems. Software must track mines entrances and production lines. Systems must support safety measures required for workers that operate machinery in hazardous conditions.

Public Administration

Unique requirements include the installation and management of enterprise applications, access to reliable cloud networks, and specialized security protocols. Proper integration with existing infrastructure is also crucial to unlocking efficiency, cost savings, and other significant benefits.

Transportation & Public Utilities

Needs range from navigation and dispatch software designed for transportation firms to data storage and cloud computing capabilities necessary in storing huge volumes of information efficiently. Robust cybersecurity systems protect mission-critical data and processes and versatile analytics tools enable transformation of large amounts of data into meaningful insights.


Construction companies need specialized software to complete job costing, estimating, payroll and other essential duties. They must operate on secure communication platforms to share sensitive blueprints with partners and clients, have reliable databases for managing workers’ information and vehicle or equipment tracking systems.


Make workflows more efficient and protect sensitive data that manufacturers require in their custom software, quality assurance systems, maintenance scheduling apps, inventory tracking software, and manufacturing process control systems.

Retail Trade

Retail-specific ERP and CRM solutions and inventory tracking systems are examples of solutions needed to stay competitive, streamline operations, and help optimize the customer experience. Personalized marketing campaigns and real-time stock tracing support efficient management while increasing profitability.

Wholesale Trade

Key services wholesale businesses must have access to include data analytics, order processing, and supply chain management. In addition, wholesale trade businesses require up-to-date ERP and CRM platforms that can be adapted to their individual business model.

Finance, Insurance, Real Estate

Advanced security measures, comprehensive data analysis capabilities, and customized software packages are essential to ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations.  Each of Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate have their own unique IT solutions tailored to the demands of the respective marketplace.


While satisfying data security and regulatory compliance, NFPs need IT reliable solutions while working within limited financial resources. We specialize in finding economical and effective IT solutions so that you can focus on your mission in a safe, secure, and compliant manner.


From healthcare and hospitality to IT and professional services, service industries need reliable enterprise solutions that bridge communication gaps, provide quick and reliable customer service, maintain data security, and optimize digital marketing.