Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation

Project- organizations are driven by the capabilities of project service automation, which will enhance all facets of their business by putting together people, processes and technology.

Project service automation is an end-to-end solution offered in a single client communication framework for project procurement, resourcing, distribution, and billing. It offers an ‘out of the box’ experience on the platform of your choice with Microsoft productivity applications and machine learning capabilities, enabling you to deliver customized, consistent, and efficient customer experiences.

Project Planning:

By using different templates provided by Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Project Service Automation, organizations can take advantage of managing projects based on various project types. It also assists in scheduling projects with a view of the time and expenses involved in the project.

Contract Management:

An all-in-one tool, Contract Management helps the sales team with sales quotes, orders, and projects.

Resource Management:

The Project Service Automation tool is useful for larger organizations, where the resources are limited, and there are multiple projects going on.

Service Analytics:

This is a service that provides a visual dashboard about business opportunities, team performance, and the other relevant charts, and recommends the next step of action.