In order to increase efficiency by combining manufacturing, production, storage, quality assurance, distribution and customer service capacities over the entire life cycle of production, Delta is well-positioned to incorporate ERP systems.

Delta’s team can implement Microsoft Dynamics 365 as well as AX, industrial solutions that enhance the management of all variables needed to customize goods, maximize efficiency, meet regulatory requirements, and drive continuous process improvement. From single-site manufacturing operations to multi-site international deployments.

Microsoft’s vision for supporting digital manufacturing embraces seismic shifts in the industry today. We have created solutions that provide a unified and flexible approach across front office and production floor processes.

Our approach enables transformation in five ways:

  1. Develop supply chain operations with optimized collaboration and visibility

  2. Empower the management of products, assets, and production

  3. Empower employees to work more effectively

  4. Convert your services into profits

  5. Be innovative and have a competitive edge