Health Care Industry

The three primary goals of healthcare organizations are:

  • to improve the experience of care

  • to improve the health of the population

  • to reduce per capita costs of delivery

Microsoft Dynamics 365 enables payers and providers to share accountability under evolving quality-focused and models of value-based care. But most importantly, to improve the health of the higher population, it puts the emphasis on the wellbeing of every person.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Healthcare compliance with FHIR and HIPAA that integrate healthcare entities within Microsoft Dynamics 365.

The Dynamics 365 platform saves data on Azure, allowing healthcare organizations to utilize cross-functional metrics to balance success across clinical, organizational and financial departments, and to understand how these main business areas affect one another. These insights help providers recognize their organization’s best mix of payment models and assist healthcare providers in delivering on the Triple Target, a healthcare improvement framework described as:

  • Improving patient experiences

  • Improving the health of the populations

  • Reduce the per capita cost