Delta Values

Have Client Empathy
Really, really try to understand what our clients’ experience and feelings are. Even if they seem unreasonable, hear them, empathize with them, affirm them, and go out of your way to address their concerns and meet their needs.
Care Deeply about our Clients
Our clients are more than a source of revenue. They have trusted us to be stewards of their pain and vision. At all times, let’s show them the love.
Do the Right Thing
Respect, integrity, kindness, … , you know the behaviors. Aspire to demonstrate them daily.
Demonstrate Value
The perception of value comes from doing more than others and doing it better than others. Strive for greatness, impeccable quality, and strong relationships with our clients and we can be sure that they will value our partnership.
Invest in Relationships
Be a Team Player. Look for chances to lend support or give credit to others.
Prove Not, Judge Not.
You are part of this organization because you have the skills and behaviors needed to succeed. Now that we all know that about each other, we’ve got nothing to prove and no reason to judge. Pride yourself in minimizing the workplace drama. Don’t try to be right, try to be better as a person and as an organization.
Care Deeply about our Partners.
As we use partners extensively, they are a strategic part of our business. Respect them as though they are employees.
Really, Invest.
Investing means doing something now for a future return. Take the time to get to know each other. If there’s something not right, consciously work at it. Consider our team training ground for life and relationships. When speaking to colleagues and management, speak freely, share what is on your mind in the spirit of strengthening your relationship (again, except in front of clients).
Let’s support a culture where we want to fix what is wrong. Let’s get it right, and let’s put the thought into getting it right the first time so we can get it right thereafter. If you see an opportunity to improve our values, processes, methodology, relationships, value proposition, growth plans, or anything else, please bring it up so we can always be improving. We commit ourselves to having a perfected best practices style process. Almost with no exceptions, in every area of the business, if it makes sense, we do it. We find the time to and we define the structure, we document it and we train on it and we do it. Then we hold ourselves accountable to it.
Ask Questions.
It is normal not to know answers, don’t ever be ashamed if you don’t know how something works, don’t know an acronym or anything else. ALWAYS ask (though not always in front of a client). It is okay not to know, it is not okay not to ask.
Smile Because You Mean It!
Keep a good sense of humor. Feel free to laugh and have fun. We’re not just doing this for the money and if we are, it’s not enough to keep us engaged and excited about our jobs. Let’s have a good time and not take challenges too seriously.